Mihlali Jordan

Full Stack Web Developer

  • Age22
  • AddressMorningside, Sandton
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About Me

Mocaccino addict who happens to be a Full Stack Developer

I am an enthusiast with a relentless curiosity to learn, discover and innovate. My biggest committment lies in creating, educating and empowering. I believe empowerment is the true key to unlocking potential.

I love to create. Simply building or designing something from concept to release gives me a thrill I just cannot explain. Being a creative means being able to express myself and leaving a small part of me, a small part of my expression of self in every single thing I create.

Mihlali Jordan

Full Stack Web Developer


My Education



University of Pretoria

BCom In Financial Sciences

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Sciences. Majoring in Financial Accounting, Internal Auditing and Taxation.

Bain and Company


BEL Program

Completed the "Building Entrepreneurship and Leadership" programme at Bain and Company where the main focus was in teaching the simple approach towards management consulting, critical thinking and how to frame and solve a problem, the efficient way.




Bishop Bavin School

NSC Certificate

Completed Matric with a Bachelor degree pass.

Cultural intelligence & diversity


My Experience


Feb to Feb


Creative Director


The creative lead. Responsible for brand strategising, building and maintaining the

company identity, monitoring brand campaigns, creating presentations, shaping brand standards and creating procedures to ensure that company products are brand appropriate.

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Dec to Dec


Chairperson / Developer

University of Pretoria Consulting Society

Managed and oversaw all projects and portfolios under the University of Pretoria

Consulting Society. This included Professional Development Workshops in collaboration with some of the top management consulting firms in the country as well as Probono Management Consulting and Annual Competitions in partnership with some international entities.

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Graphic Designer


Responsible for all graphics and visuals at Heartlines. Designed all visual content for

various projects undertaken by the organisation.

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May to Dec


Pro Bono Director

University of Pretoria

Dealt with client acquisition and the structuring of teams for various projects.

Had to oversee final case solutions and recommendations as well as present the final workings and findings to the client.

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Dec to Dec


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My Services


Front End Development

HTML, CSS, JS, Angular


Back End Development

Python, Firebase



Visual identies, logos, corporate identities

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My Projects

Project 1


Easyburse facilitates talent acquisition and management through innovative and fit for purpose digital solutions.

purpose digital solutions. The goal was to create a corporate feel to the website whilst attempting to maintain a 'student' like essence to the site.

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Project 2

Purple Dot Business Services

Purple Dot Business Services provides consulting services and training. Primarily operating

operating in project management and training, Purple Dot exudes a very simplistic look which is why the website is very clean and light with minimal content.

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Project 3


Ecofood is a fictional healthy/vegan based start-up who offers healthy meals through monthly

monthly or per meal packages. Their brand demanded a clean, modern and minimal UI design which is precisely what I went for. The green further highlights the health aspect of the company.

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Project 4

Radah Creatives

A digital media agency focused on growth and leveraging technology and consumer psychology to drive business growth.

psychology to drive business growth. The goal with this UI was to bring out a somewhat modern and contempory feel without neglecting the key aspects that are key to maintaining a corporate feel.

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Project 5


I built a budget app that tracks your income and expenses that you input and then does some basic arithmetic and displays your available budget for the rest of the month.

some basic arithmetic and displays your available budget for the rest of the month.

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Project 6


This is a small javascript project I spent some time on. It's in essence a game. The game

has two players. During his/her turn, the player may roll the dice as many times as the said player wishes. Each result gets added to his ROUND pot. The player does however risk rolling a one, which if he/she does, the player will lose everything in his/her pot after which it will be the next player's turn. If the player happens to roll to consecutive sixes, the player also loses his entire accumulated score. In each round, a player can choose to hold which means that his round score (what is currently in his pot) gets added to his GLOBAL score after which it will be the next player's turn. The first player to reach 100 global points wins.

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Project 7


CollabHous3 helps build and accelerate small and medium sized businesses...

They specialise in innovative business solution design, delivery and ongoing support.

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Project 8


A simple remake of Trello. This is a drag and drop task manager.

The web app was built using the Angular and Firebase stack.

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Project 9


Lathitha is a Non-profit organization that focuses on driving change in disadvantaged communities.


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Project 10

Ovo Studio

I am the biggest Drake fan. So I thought it would be pretty cool to build a little mp3 player displayed

player displayed on a lovely UI. So I used some javascript to build a mp3 player that plays my top 5 Drake tracks.

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Project 11


The University of Pretoria Consulting Society (UPCS) is a young and ambitious society...

that is student driven. They provide a platform where students can engage with top performing consulting firms in the industry.

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Project 12


Viscept is a Saas cloud storage and data encryption start-up. They focus on providing cloud solutions and securing cloud systems.

cloud solutions and securing cloud systems.

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